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Hawaii State Assessment Program (HSAP) Results

Each year the Student Assessment Section produces a series of HSAP results workbooks. These workbooks contain a statewide summary of assessment results and school-specific results at the individual student level. The Department of Education recognizes the importance of schools' having access to their HSAP results. At the same time, the Department is aware of the importance of protecting student and family privacy. In order to balance the need for access to student results and to protect confidentiality, principals are being asked to fill out and return an original copy of a new "Access to Student Level Hawaii State Assessment Records" form. Please view Superintendent Hamamoto's August 27, 2009 memorandum to the field concerning access to student level assessment records and the data access request form.

The functionality of the former school-level HSA workbooks is available in the Longitudinal Data System (LDS). (Please note that access to student-level assessment results is restricted to DOE Complex Area Superintendents and school principals.)

Longitudinal Data System (LDS) Access Information

  1. Complex Area Superintendents and Principals in complex areas that have received LDS training can view the student level data as follows:
    1. Login to the Longitudinal Data System website (http://employees.hidoe.k12.hi.us/).
    2. Click on the "Reports" tab.
    3. Select the "Student Test Scores Report."
  2. Complex Area Superintendents and Principals in complex areas that have not received LDS training can gain access directions as follows:
    1. Complex Area Superintendent contact Justin Katahira via Lotus Notes or 218-6792 to set a training date.
    2. Upon establishing a training date, access information will be sent to the CAS for distribution to principals.
  3. Individuals experiencing access problems may contact Blayne Iwata via Lotus Notes or 218-6794.

NCLB and AYP results are publicly available from the System Evaluation and Reporting Section's ARCH website. The Accountability Resource Center of Hawaii (ARCH) website provides educational accountability information for teachers, administrators, parents, policy makers, and the community at-large. The resources on the ARCH site include a variety of reports, ranging from the No Child Left Behind and School Status and Improvement Report to statewide surveys and related documents.

School-by-school HSA and TerraNova results are also available at the Department's Test Scores webpage.

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